Maybe if Jada had read stories about women like Dev Eslin or Jordan Dene when she was a young girl, she would have looked into her budding passion of being set designer or a graphic tee creator. But not seeing or even knowing her interests were a career path, much less one women were in, she abandoned those ideas.

After reading “In The Company of Women,” Jada realized the stories of women business owners and creatives were not only relevant but necessary. And not just women that followed a corporate strategy. The ones that were so obsessed with a topic or industry, they were number one fangirls. Surrounded by amazing women with passions for social issues, business topics, AND geeky things is how a random phrase popped into her head and wouldn’t leave — “For The Love of Fandom: Turning Fangirl Passion Into A Lifestyle and Brand.”

Jada was able to gather enough BAMF geek girls together to present a panel on this very topic at 2017 Emerald City Comic Con. We shared so much information, but it was only the tip of the iceberg. The conversation needed a permanent place to live so it could continue and grow. Welcome to Geek Girl Boss.

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